torsdag 12. februar 2009

Liberalismens Fremtid

Tidsskriftet The Economist anmeldte nylig en ny bok om liberalisme av Alan Wolfe. Anmelderen gir en utmerket skildring av det sosiale i liberalismen:
Making enemies of freedom and equality ignores, in his view, the democratic presumption that any one person’s liberty matters as much as the next person’s. It is deaf also to the fact that modern citizens’ freedoms are often limited by big social forces beyond their control. If all citizens are to be free in any effective sense, they require help from countervailing forces. Government is one such force.

If, the argument goes on, you take concern for everyone’s liberty seriously, you will treat the proper scale of government as a matter of circumstance, not principle. At times, government is overweening and ought to be cut back. At others, active government is required to steady markets, help the needy or serve the public good. Put abstractly, government may be called on to foster or restore equal liberty.

Kunne ikke sagt det bedre selv.

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