onsdag 18. november 2009

Swimsuit issue

In this article Guy Sorman argues that, despite the presence of 4/5 million Muslims in France, and the occasional problems that France faces with regard to Muslims, France remains a strong secular state. All are committed, Muslims included, to defending the only religion France knows: laïcité. French Muslims now make movies highlighting the differences that separate them, not from the French culture but, from the Muslim culture in the countries of their ( or parents') origin.

"This summer, a woman of Arab descent tried to enter a Paris swimming pool wearing a head-to-toe black swimsuit dubbed a “burqini” and was expelled. The episode rekindled the “veil controversy” of 2005, when the French Parliament, at President Jacques Chirac’s urging, unanimously passed a law forbidding students to wear any “intrusive religious signs” in schools. The Jewish yarmulke and the Christian cross were tolerated, if kept small and discreet, but not the Islamic veil—which was the law’s real focus. The veil law, a not-so-subtle attempt to prevent the Islamization of France, implied that French society had become besieged by its 4 or 5 million Muslims, and observers might draw the same conclusion from the burqini incident.


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